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Meal Prepping

Cooking homemade meals for families is how LK Cooking began. It is the heart and soul of my business, because I truly believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the food they crave at home with the people they love. We can work with any allergies and diets, such as gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free, vegan, paleo, organic, and more!

How It Works

  • We set up a no-cost consultation to discuss what kind of meals are best for you and your family’s schedule. we talk about dietary restrictions, preferences, and what of foods you’d like to avoid.

  • You decide how many meals you’d like each week.

  • Each week, we either decide on a menu together, or I choose some delicious recipes that fit within your family’s dietary needs and preferences. I shop for and prepare each meal, then deliver it to your home ready to either reheat, bake, or slow cook. No planning, shopping, cooking, or cleanup on your part. How much easier could it get?

Just That Simple

  • Some meals are cooked through for you to reheat, some are prepped and ready to go in the oven for a fresh meal when you bake them, and freezer meals are made and placed in the freezer
  • We can adjust your meals each week depending on your schedule. Each plan is 100% customized to your family’s individual needs.

So Let's Get Started

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