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Cooking Classes

Come learn to cook or bake in a completely hands-on cooking class!

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Purchase a cooking class gift card here! $75 for one student, $65 for each additional student.

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Each class is tailored to suit each student’s skill level and preferences, so everyone learns exactly what they want to learn at the proper pace. We can work on anything from cooking or baking, to nutrition, meal planning/grocery shopping, and developing a healthy relationship with food.

Learn from the best!

Hands-on Cooking Classes

We dive into the “why” behind each ingredient and technique, so that you go home confidently knowing that you can recreate this recipe (and many more!) using the skills learned in each class.

These classes are more than just a fun experience; you’re truly learning professional cooking techniques and problem solving skills to make cooking more understandable and enjoyable for you!

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Classes are an hour and a half to two hours, and are held out of my kitchen in Pleasant Grove.

I can also travel to you (free within a 20 minute drive; small fee applied for further distances).

Private Classes

Private classes (1 student) are $75, and include all ingredients (some exclusions apply).

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Semi-Private Classes

Semi-private classes (2-8 students) are $65/student.

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Each student will be making everything planned completely hands-on, and will get to enjoy their creations at the end of the class.
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Fill out a simple questionnaire to start planning your class now! No commitment required with this form, so send any questions you have and we can figure out the perfect class for you!

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